(Video) 3 Power Tips to Attract Clients

I had so much fun filming today’s ‘Dare to Tell Story Show’ – I think you’re going to love it!

Check it out here and don’t forget to leave a comment –

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8 comments on “(Video) 3 Power Tips to Attract Clients

  1. Hi Lisa. After listening to your video, I did a spot of introspection about my story and realized that whenever I have written a blog post with a snippet from my life or experiences, there has been a better response from the reader. The same holds for the mentoring that I did in my corporate years and now while coaching and mentoring. The essence is to make a connection for the reader or listener.

    • So true Vatsala, when you use a story it makes all the difference! thanks for joining the conversation!

  2. Thanks Lisa, that video was great. Very clear but warming to listen to.
    I help people with emotional concerns. The results they achieve are life-changing but they are issues they keep to themselves or would rather not share to show their vulnerability. I, on the other hand, am willing to share my story (stories) in a positive way to allow others to connect and find hope in my story.
    The reason I haven’t done it yet is because here in New Zealand people hide behind these masks of “everything is fine” and if I shared my story/stories say on my business FB page, it would very likely not be shared because to share this, or like this, people feel like they’re saying “hey, I’ve got a problem” possibly revealing to others that they aren’t as “fine” as they’re making out to be.
    Do you have any suggestions or words of wisdom regarding this?
    I am working on a different branding called Stress Education where I’ll start a blog, sharing how stress affects us and ways to reduce it’s impact on our lives. Perhaps that will help as it will be clearer to all what my specialty is.
    Thank you for your work, I think it’s awesome! Maria

    • Thanks for your comments Maria…I think getting vulnerable with your story is very frightening for a lot of people. Experience tells me that in sharing your story, you actually invite healing and that’s the magic of storytelling. I’d say, be brave, tell your story as you say, from an empowered perspective, I’m sure people will be inspired by it. Best wishes and let us know how you get on!

      • Thank you for your support.
        Yes, I’ll share my story, happily, even though it will only be seen by a small audience at this time. Actually, as I type this I see that I need to expand my view on avenues to share my story.
        I was concerned that people weren’t spreading their results gained from seeing me through word of mouth to others because they were too scared to share their story……but……that’s their story!
        Ha, I love this. I’m going to brain storm on other ways for me to gain an audience.
        I know the power of story telling heals and inspires. I’m so pleased that I bumped into you, thank you Story Coach.
        with warm warm regards, Maria

        • Wonderful Maria…yes, sometimes it’s hard to tell which story is ours and which is theirs. When you are doing great work in the world, people will find a way to talk about it. The story will get out, trust that! Best wishes, Lisa

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