What a small world!

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Last week I had a wonderful opportunity to teach 5 ICA (International Coach Academy) classes in a 12 hour period.  It was quite a marathon…but what an experience!  I had students literally from all over the world, from every continent and all at the same time; Brazil, India, Japan, China, Korea, North America (all over US and Canada), Spain, Lebanon….  What a blast of positive, energized, optimisstic and empowered energy – these soon-to-be coaches all embracing this amazing learning experience, sharing their lives, their practises, their concerns and limitations.  It occurred to me that in a world that seems obsessed by bad news, terrorism, war and economic crises, there are so many wonderful people creating exceptional lives for themselves.  And I’m the lucky one that gets to witness it! 

I was reminded of how excellent the International Coach Academy curriculum is; how the course results in a journey, a learning process that is transformational.  The students are committed and excited at the prospect of embracing this new career and are full of curiosity and the desire to learn and share and experience.  As I trainer, I feel honored to be in a position to facitate this journey and to witness the transformation. 

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