What a Story!

When was the last time you heard a great story?

You know the kind…where you find yourself
repeating it to someone else.

You may have heard it in passing. It may have
been a friend or colleague that told you something
that just kind of stuck. It was compelling,
perhaps had an urgent message or simply inspired
you. It struck a chord in you somewhere, you may
not even know what it was…

But you find yourself telling your partner or a

Can you imagine what it would be like if every
time you spoke, this happened?

Can you imagine how it would affect your life and
your business if your story touched people in this

It’s not as difficult as you would imagine. It’s
down to 4 simple ingredients.

They are: passion, conviction, clarity and

If you are passionate about what you stand for
and what you are saying….

If you believe in your mission entirely….

If you have complete clarity as to what are the

If you are truly present….

How many people actually have this in their
I imagine not as many as we would think.

Last week I participate in a storytelling
performance for a local festival. As I stood on
the stage, in the middle of the most enchanting
forest you could imagine, those four magic
ingredients showed up.

I was passionate about my stories.

I was completely committed to my role as
storyteller, peace maker and entertainer.

I was clear about how the audience would be
thrilled by the experience of our performance, but
also go away thinking about the big issues we were

And finally, I went through my physical,
emotional, spiritual and intellectual preparations
in order to be fully present.

So, the truth is, it’s much easier when you are
‘performing’…when you are on stage.

But what about in life and in your business?

Can you imagine how your life and business would
change if it were made up of these four
ingredients all the time?

It’s mind-blowing! Seriously, you could change
the world!
And why not – why not go for it?
Create this level of impact in everything you do.

Have you experienced this? I’d love to hear your
moments of magic storytelling…the day to day ones?
Please share below.

If this resonates for you, you won’t want to miss
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Best wishes and best stories


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