What Are You Spending Your Time On?

I must have spent 8 hours on the document. It was driving me crazy; I was tired, fed up and irritable. And it wasn’t even finished yet.

I knew exactly how I wanted it to look but I couldn’t get it just right.

At first I thought, okay this is just another example of me trying to be a perfectionist.

Then I realized, it’s not that I’m so fussy, and it’s not so complicated. But why does it take so long?

The truth is, it’s taken me years to figure this out.

I’m just not good and doing all those visual graphics stuff. I have a fairly good idea of how I want things to look but it’s really hard for me to actually make it look that way.

And I get so frustrated, I swear it must add grey hairs and wrinkles – and who wants that!

Finally I realized, the stuff I do easily, is what people pay me for.  I need to pay someone to do the stuff that they’re REALLY good at while I do what I’m really good at.

Sounds simple, right?  But it’s hard to justify paying someone to do something that you THINK you can manage.  It takes a big mind shift.  It’s a brand new story.

And this is a tough story for entrepreneurs – no matter what level you’re at.

If you’re still spending hours doing stuff you absolutely hate (or you suspect you’re just not that good at!), then not spending the money to hire someone else to do it, means you’re actually wasting money.

Yes, that’s what I said, you’re wasting money.

The time that you spend banging your head against that brick wall, or in my case, pulling out my hair over that document – you could be doing that thing you LOVE to do, that amazing talent that only you offer in your special way and that others struggle with.  They’ll pay you generously for your brilliance and you should do the same.

If you can’t pay someone to serve you in the way you need support, how can you expect other’s to hire you to support them?

It’s true.  So, look at where you’re spending your time.  Is it the most productive? Are you busy in your brilliant zone (at least most of the time) – or are you busy cleaning your house because you think you can’t afford a cleaner – and believe me, I’ve been there!

The great Sir Richard Branson said that the secret to his success is that he hires people that are smarter than him.  He knows where he needs to hire the very best people to do what they do best, and that in turn brings his success – smart eh?

Just notice where you’re at.  And make one small change today.

What will your change be?

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