What do you choose?

It had been a few months since I noticed the downturn. I was sick to my stomach. It’s not like these dry spells were just a pain in the butt – they were critical to my survival.

You see it was also incredibly contagious. When I struggled to write, I struggled to speak, I became inarticulate and began to sound dull and disconnected. That’s how I noticed. I met a woman at an event  and she asked about what I do. I found myself complaining about how hard it all felt.

She quickly changed the subject and moved away. I felt horrible. And I realized that I’d gotten into a funk, a negative downward spiral that not only kept me disconnected from myself, it was disconnected from reality.

You see, in the hardest of times, I realized some universal truths that are surprising…and they have always kept me going…

  1. Whenever a door shuts, another one opens (cliche but true!)
  2. For all that you have not yet completed, you’ve done a lot more than you give yourself credit for
  3. It’s always darkest before the dawn – something good will happen next, that’s the way of the universe
  4. What you do well is special, not everyone can do it (and we forget this!)
  5. Comparison is a killer and totally irrelevant – someone else’s reality is NEVER what we assume
  6. You are infinitely capable and resourceful – you can get through this
  7. Your mindset is Your Choice – you can shift how you feel by what you think

So what do you choose? You can shift how you feel, what you do and how you cope with this block you are experiencing.

Whether it’s to go out for a walk, reach out to a friend or get help – you can decide to fix whatever is going on for you.

What will you choose? Share it here.

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