What do you do?

Do you look after yourself?
Do you actually spend time thinking about and
planning “self-care”?

I have a confession to make.
I don’t really get it.
I’ve always had a problem with self-care.  Not
just the doing of self-care, but even the concept.
 I mean what’s the big deal, we just get on with
life right, who has time for it?

I have to admit, I used to laugh at the idea.  I
mean, you try getting 4 kids to school, the house
in order, the fridge filled, fresh and healthy
meals prepared, the washing done and run a
business and then have time for the spa, the hour
of classical music to soothe your soul and
peaceful walks in nature….oh please.

I had been pushing back on this for years.
I mean it’d be great but who gets to actually live
this in real life?

But then well….let me tell you a story!

Right now I’m sitting in the garage waiting room,
my car is being serviced.  I love working on the
go, so this is perfect. 

The car had been complaining quietly over the last
few weeks with all kinds of problems showing up. I
realized this morning that if I don’t take care of
it, I won’t have a car pretty soon! 

I could have ignored it for a bit longer, but at
some stage long term damage would have been done.

Earlier this week I decided (in my usual
unrelenting style) that I didn’t want to miss my
Zumba class because of a school meeting, I could
do both.  So running like crazy from one to the
other (not cooling down and taking my time), I
twisted and sprained my ankle.

Now I have no choice.  I need to slow down.
I have to wait for the car to get fixed.  I have
to wait for my ankle to heal.

The first few days I was going crazy, thinking
about the frustration of not being able to do all
kinds of things (particularly dancing!!!).
Now I’m reminded of the importance of self-care.

It may never be regular spa days and beauty
treatments, that’s not really my style anyway!

It could just be taking time to breathe, to walk
slowly, to sit and listen to the sounds around me
as I think about my breathing!  It may be just to
take time out to talk to a good friend and drink a
cup of steaming tea while doing….NOTHING else!

It may be just sitting with the kids building or
drawing, but quietly and calmly with no other
thoughts or plans.

What do you do to rest your body and feed your
Share it below.

And do me a favor, make sure you do something
EVERY day!  You deserve it, actually you need it!
We all do!

Best wishes and wonderful stories,

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16 comments on “What do you do?

  1. Each day I read &I meditate with my crystals. I shop and have lunch one day a week with my good friend Joyce, and we laugh a lot. We dont spend much, but that day out refreshes my soul, we must seem like two crazy old broads, laughing and giggling like a pair of kids.
    Love to you Lisa, I hope your ankle improves soon. xx

  2. I quilt. It is my passion, my creativity, my imagination, my creation, my meditation; it is my gift to myself of one-on-one-time with **me** (which is my love-language, and why I feel so loved when I do it). I get to birth a new creation (another quilt). When I do not, I’m scattered and frantic. My husband usually notices, and gently tells me that I “need to go quilt”, as he escorts me into my quilting studio. -Kathryn Kistner in Texas

  3. Every day I take half an hour off to read in the ‘Essays’ of Michel de Montaigne, a 16th century gentleman and thinker who was far ahead of his time. Someone who became more and more able to think inside out and realized that proximity stretches from individuals to nature itself. As we are part of nature, we’re all connected. Montaigne is able to let even the most ‘ordinary’ shine. Above all, I like his humorous sense of perspective. Thanks to him I am able put things in perspective, especially in rough times.
    Other soulfeeders are mountain walks (whenever one is in the proximity) with silent views from the top, the bigger picture. And finally, walks in the woods, listening to birdsongs.

  4. Hi Lisa
    “Funny” isnt it that we miss all the signs that our body is really calling for this, until we get the big curb ball that literally forces us to stop! Since been side swiped by my own curb ball, I sit all list all the things from A-Z that I love to do, then each week I revisit my list and plan in how I may do some of these things. Personally I’ve found its not just the time you invest in these activities but the level of satisfaction that each of these gives me that allows me to top up my batteries. I have also found that reaching out to others and asking for help is hugely beneficial, personally I found this really hard having been so idependent, but supporting those around me and vice versa is so much better!! I also find fulfillment in sharing with other women and mums in particular, that there really is no shame in taking time out and often they just need “permission” to hear it from other women, so good on you for sharing your story.

    • Hi Debbie, thanks for sharing your insights…I can relate, I’ve always prided myself on my independence. Learning to accept help is huge. I hope your ‘curb ball’ passes quickly! Best wishes, L

      • Oh yes, that is firmly in the past, lessons learnt! Its meant taking some big decisions, even some pain to get through as times, but being at the other side is a lot brighter.

  5. Thank you Lisa for reminding me that the simple things are so important I will be taking the time just to enjoy nature and the stuff that we can sometimes take for granted.

  6. Hi Lisa,
    like you i always feel guilty if i’m not doing things for others like working or keeping house or facilitating the children. Just lately though – and it has coincided with your topic – i’ve come to a crunch – i listen to music when i need to relax, but not just any music, i listen to the hits of the 80’s and i usually get so stimulated that i get up and dance too! Those were simple times and the problems were minimal, i love going back to that era.

  7. As a health and transformation coach, self-care is so important for me to remember, and I sometimes have a hard time with it too, with my workaholic tendencies. Meditating, taking some time to just relax and do nothing, playing piano, doing some art, creative writing, taking a bath, going for a walk in some beautiful place…I have lots of tools in my self-care toolbox, just have to remember and make time to use them. Can’t be encouraging my clients to do something that I’m not! One of the things I like about coaching is it makes me really aware of walking my talk.

  8. I meditate daily….and there’s not one way I do this…sometimes I do just sit and Be. Other times I do a walking meditation as I walk my dog. Sometimes I focus on one of my five senses for example putting all my attention on my hearing, close my eyes and just listen without naming, labeling or judging what I hear…..I also tune into the breath a few times a day……basically I do awareness/mindfulness practices daily. It’s the most significant work I feel I can do for mySelf……..and sometimes I just put music on and dance…….another great way to enter the moment 🙂
    Molto Amore!

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