What Gwyneth Paltrow Taught Me

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7 comments on “What Gwyneth Paltrow Taught Me

  1. Hi Lisa, another great story about the stories we tell ourselves and the life we make through those stories. I’ve seen it in the area of natural disasters where people seem to be forever living the disaster that would have happened if……… Where I live in Australia its the bushfire that would have destroyed us ‘if the wind hadn’t changed’. Sometimes the wind changed well over two hours before it would’ve hit them. And I have noticed myself doing it lately with my son and the school he is at, ‘Maybe if we’d kept him at that other school he wouldn’t be such a tricky teenager?’ Maybe regret is always a playing of the ‘what if’ story?

  2. I've too many stories to tell to be able to isolate just one. I simply refuse to give up. I break things into small & manageable pieces, so I can realize my goal. It may take me years to accomplish something, but eventually I will do it. Sometimes I need help & I understand that it's OK to get assistance when I really need it.

  3. What if I had ignored my husband's proposal a second time? I don't mean his marriage proposal, but the offer of what job I would love to do everyday upon awakening. He asked me that about 12 years ago and gave me a book to read. But, I didn't read it, and stayed in my same job!
    Then, over two years ago he asked the same question. I told him that I would be staying in my same job for another 3-5 years. Then, my quiet, mild-mannered husband looked intently at me and said something that cut me to the core:
    "That's not good enough! What are you going to do to change the world?"
    That's the same amazing type of tea-bag tag message I had been taping to the fridge for more than a year, and had been attempting to internalize.
    I love my business as a Holistic Health Coach. He encouraged me with the powerful words I needed to hear. Now I have my IIN certification and plenty of internal motivation. I love holding individual and group sessions about better nutrition for those who have challenges with stress, weight, and blood sugar, and are ready to proceed to change their lives. I'm planning a fall retreat and love to surprise my clients with fun things, and encourage them on their full journeys forward. 🙂
    Today's Yogi (TM) tea-bag tag: "We are here to love each other, serve each other and uplift each other." 🙂

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