What is it that makes ALL the difference?

I often wonder what it is…

In fact, I’ve spent years wondering what is it that makes all the difference? 

What is it that gets people into action?

You have a person in a situation that they are unhappy with.  It could be dissatisfaction at work, a difficult relationship, being overweight, dealing with illness, hooked on smoking, caught in self-distructive behaviors….and I could keep going, the list is long – we all know it!  And this dissatisfaction has a major affect on their lifestyle, their possibility to live a long and healthy life.  And yet, they feel unable to change.

So, I wonder what is it that make one person take that first crucial step to begin the journey of change, while others are stuck and unable to do it.

We talk about support structures and supportive relationships – yes, they REALLY help.

We talk about life-changing experiences that motivate us to take the step or leap into the new and unknown – but should we wait for something life-changing to happen….

We talk about taking one little step everyday in the right direction..measuring the small stuff.

And we talk about a million other ways to do what feels right, to create new and better stories.

Well, I don’t have a one-fits-all answer – you need to discover the thing or things that work for you. 

But I can tell you something, start listening to your own stories, start really thinking about where YOUR stories are coming from and how they are serving you.  So often we tell stories that don’t serve us so well.  We define our reality by the stories we tell and sometimes create the reality simply feels wrong.  You don’t have to do this.  You can create an amazing reality that sees you being everything you ever wanted to be.  Just change your story….

Hey, think about it….and start listening, it’s a small but massive first step!

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