what’s stopping you?

Several years ago my coach challenged me.  It seemed quite unreasonable.

At that time I was sending out monthly correspondence to my followers and it was a struggle for me to come up with relevant topics.

She suggested that I write a story every week.  My first reaction was ‘my life is not that interesting, what on earth can I write about every week?’

Today, Seth Godin wrote his 5000th blog post.  It is as always, thought provoking.  He said that the challenge for him is not to write every day but to manage to fit everything into one post!  What an amazing guy!

So here’s the thing, granted you are not inspired every day and are often challenged to find your muse, so how can you do it?

Recently I heard JK Rowling interviewed on a similar topic, she was asked, ‘do you only write when you are inspired’.  She laughed and said, ‘if I only wrote when I was inspired, I’d have written about 7 pages by now’!

You may not agree with me.  And if you have a different system, well, please share it, but I believe creating great stories and writing in general is a practice.

You set aside the time, you set a serious deadline (this is a biggy for me!) and then you just get down to it and DO IT!

And not everything works out.  Sometimes your stuff is better than others…if you’ve been following for a while, I’m sure you’ve noticed!

But by and large, you can be incredibly productive, amazingly creative and simply get the job done.

And isn’t that what it’s all about?

If you want to tell your story, then you have to start somewhere.  If you want to communicate powerfully, then you need to start writing, telling and practicing your stories.

What’s stopping you from telling your story?
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