What’s the Word?

A few years ago it was ‘collaboration’.
Then it was ‘fearless’.

You know what I’m talking about? When you approach the new year and you decide your theme for the year to come. Do you do that?

I have done this over the last few years.
And I have been fearless. And I have collaborated.

Fearless, for me, felt more like courageous – the fear never really disappears and that’s a good thing, I’ve learned.

And collaboration has been good and less good at times. Lots of lessons learned, some took quite a toll.

Courage comes naturally to me I see – I’m blessed that way. I jump at opportunities and create them naturally, and it’s terrifying at times.

The fear never completely disappears.

But you know, I never imagined that having courage would get me to do the kind of stuff I did this year….

listen to hundreds of people tell me their story
laugh and cry over those stories
travel across oceans for love and money
love ferociously in the face of frustration, anger and disappointment
feel fear creep in silently
chase it away with laughter and hope
tell stories in a forest on the other side of the world
experience desperation and joy (sometimes at the same time)
forget parts of myself and remember others

It’s been quite a year.

So at the moment in time, different and yet the same as so many others, I invite you to take notice and dare.

Notice what has worked well for you this year. Notice what you need to pay less attention to.

And dare to create an intention for what’s to come. Not what you will have or what you will finish. Not what you will achieve or accumulate.

Create an intention for how you will feel. An intention for what you will experience and what difference it will make.

And dare to wish something magical for you and your loved ones.

Go on make that wish.

And finally, what’s your word. Find a word that you can step into this year, that will be profound and magical and joyful.

For me, it’s peace.
Peace in every interaction with my loved ones, my collaborations and my clients.
Peace in the environment around me.
Peace in my body, my mind and my spirit.
Peace in my thoughts and in my heart.

What’s your word?
Share it here.

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6 comments on “What’s the Word?

  1. Since collaboration is what I’m aiming to do more of, I don’t want to pick that as my word. It’s a given. For me, I think confidence would be best – to have confidence that my new business will flourish, that I will meet successfully with many clients and be able to commence projects that I will enjoy while helping others!

    • Yes, I love that Karen….and once you articulate it…it is done! best wishes for all you desire in the new year, Lisa

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