What’s Your Story?

What’s your story?

What stories do you tell. 

We are all storytellers, we tell our life’s
stories all the time.  Where we grew up, how we
met our friends and partners, what we ate for
dinner, the movie we saw last week.

And we tell the story of our work and our
business, whether we are aware of it or not.

So what story are you telling about your

Is it a story of struggle and survival?  Is it a
story of bravery and intrigue? Is it a story of
hope and loss?  Is it a story of triumph?

There are a limited amount of story themes out
there.  We are all experiencing a version of the
universal story. 

So here’s the most important question:  Is your
story the one you want?  Is it in line with your
vision?  Is it serving you well?

If you know it’s not, or if you suspect it’s not,
or if you’re not sure, then it’s really good that
you’re reading this!

You see, you are the only one who can change your
And it’s not as difficult as you think.

What you focus on grows, what you allow exist in
your thoughts, manifests.  Once you create a more
empowering story and start to tell it, it stops
being imagination and becomes real.

A few years ago I was at a coaching conference.
I asked one of the wonderful speakers the
question, ‘what is the one thing you did and can
recommend to grow your business’ and she replied,
‘you must get in front of people and speak about

Then she invited me to attend her speakers’
training.  I said “well, I live far away and I
have young kids so it might be difficult…but I’d
love to.” 

Her answer to this comment absolutely incensed
me.  She said “well, you just have to get out of
that mindset of being stuck at home with the

I was furious.
I thought, who is she to tell me to get up and
leave my kids.  Easy for her, she doesn’t have
kids, what would she know etc etc etc.

I was so annoyed that I realized I must be
missing something and knew that whenever someone
says something that angers you so much, there has
to be an important lesson.

A few fuming days later, I realized that she had
not suggested that I leave my kids.  She told me
to shift the mindset!  And that was quite a
revelation for me.

As I travelled home, I truly embraced the
realization that I could and should make several
speaking trips in order to build my business.  It
would be great for me, for my business and my kids
would be fine; actually they’d probably be much
better than fine!

I started talking about it.  I started telling
the story of my speaking trips overseas and here’s
what happened.  Within 3 weeks from that moment,
the moment that I started telling my new story, I
had 4 confirmed speaking events overseas.

What we focus on grows.  The story we tell, truly

It sounds too simple, right?  And yet it’s true.

What have you got to loose.  Try it.  Tell a
better story.  Tell an empowering story.  And most
importantly, keep telling it!

And you can start right here.  Leave a comment

Best wishes and best stories

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5 comments on “What’s Your Story?

  1. Great point, Lisa. I’m a writer finishing my first book and moving into the speakers’ arena to share my story. I’d love to know how you became established as a speaker. Landing overseas speaking engagements is one of my goals! Thanks! Sandra

    • Wow, good luck with your book Sandra. There are lots of ways to get speaking gigs…firstly you need to be really clear on your target audience and then figure out where they hang out. There are often opportunities to speak (paid and non-paid) that can get you launched, you need to be really clear on your story!….best wishes, Lisa

  2. I had the opportunity to hear your presntation on the monthly call of Retirement Options chaired by JoA Ann Waldman. I was very intrigued by much of what you said and also would like to follow up with the fre coaching session you had offered then I happen to be a Life Coach / psychotherapist who really enjoys what I do but honestly speaking ,struggles to obtain additiional clients. Can story telling help?

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