when it all falls apart….

I’m guessing that this is the perfect time for the biggest, brightest full moon than has been seen on the planet for several generations. A time of upheaval, unrest and discomfort – a time where we could do with more light.m

I remember the times I’ve stood in the midst of a huge storm – both actual and metaphorical. 

My father and I were decked out in oilskin suits, the deep-sea fishing variety (only my Dad would have them packed away somewhere!) – standing on the bridge near our house and watching the river rise up right before our eyes.

We held on to the railings to keep us steady and watched in total awe, acknowledging how incredibly small and powerless we are in the face of nature.

Eventually Dad pulled me away from this strange euphoria – telling me that it was getting too dangerous, we needed to go home.

But I remember the rush of adrenalin, the total abandon, the unexpected joy of being so totally unable to control anything. I can still feel it. My heart pounds when I think about it.  It’s a truth that I’ve rarely been soon vividly aware of.

Years later, the same feeling returned when, in one phone call, the life I had planned, envisioned and so deeply desired fell apart. It felt like unbearable heartbreak as he told me it was over, he’d met someone else. And yet there was that same rush, the same abandon, the same realization of total powerlessness.

We are brought up to believe that we have control. That we should seek more control. That we should plan for the unexpected, to always be prepared.

And yet reality shows up and is NEVER exactly as we’ve prepared for.

And then there’s the moon. The bright, strong, moon – always there, sometimes closer, sometimes further away, steadfast.

For me it’s a reminder that all is well. Where there is darkness, there will always be light. Where there is hatred, there can be love. Where the unexpected and undesired become reality, we can find hope, take action and create possibility.

If you have experienced an earthquake this week – or if you’ve experienced a terrorist attack – or political upheaval….

If you have heard news of a terrible illness this week, or lost someone dear to you….

If you have a broken heart…..

The moon is bright. Know that there is so much love in the world.

Sit still and breathe deep.

All is well – you are safe, you are connected, you are deeply loved.

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8 comments on “when it all falls apart….

  1. Dear Lisa,

    Your words are very inspiring. I can also relate many stories about control and the illusion of it in my life. What I don’t get is the connection between them and the title you chose.
    What are the 6 things?

    • thanks for your comment Riesah – I’m so glad you enjoyed the story – unfortunately there was a mistake made in the email that went out, the title from last week’s story was tagged on by mistake. The title of the story this week is ‘when it all falls apart…’ – hope that make is more clear! warm wishes, Lisa

  2. Well told story – I am a firm believer that where there is adversity, seek love, and where there is love, there is hope. And nature is often resilient.

  3. I just received your monthly email and your story hit close to home. My husband and I had just gotten married after a year of dating. We were living in a condo (townhouse style) with 10 condos in one structure. It was January of 1996, three months after we were married and we lived in the sixth condo in the string of 10 condos (from left to right). My husband and I were up at 3:00 AM and the fire alarm started going off. We were talking and totally ignoring the fire alarm because it would go off frequently for no reason. There was a knock at the door. Our friend and owner of the tenth condo far to the right stated that there was a problem. My husband knew instantly what was happening, but I did not have a clue. We went out to the parking lot across from the string of console’s and there was a fire engulfing the first four condos from the left. I was in shock and just stood there staring at the fire. My husband shook me out of my shocked state and told me to grab our coats and the dog. By the time I returned outside, the fire was engulfing the fifth condo and starting on our condo. I watched in shock while the firemen cut a hole in our roof to stop the fire from taking out all ten condos. My husband stated, “I always wanted a sunroof!” I could not understand how he could joke at a time like this, but it was his way of coping with the loss of six condos including ours. Then I came out of my shocked state and remembered that my brand new Eagle Talon was in the garage. I ran toward the condo being stopped by the firemen asking me to leave, but I explained that I wanted to get my brand new car out of the garage. They stated to hurry up. After the fire was mostly extinguished, we left to go sleep on the couch (bed within) at my mother-in-law and father-in law’s living room. The next day, we survielled the damage. All we could recover was some of our clothes, our wedding pictures, and a huge stuffed lion that I named “Simba,” my husband had just bought me (it had a slight singe & smelled strong of smoke). Long story short, we were able to buy more clothes and furniture, but we’re happy to have our wedding pictures that were the only thing we could not have ever replaced. We found out that the cause of the fire was from the third condo. The renter had a somewhat log fire in the gas fireplace! The seventh condo was spared, but the wall between our condo and theirs on the second floor was burnt through. The eighth through tenth condos were spared except for the smoky smell.

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