When was your last igloo?

When was the last time you built an igloo?

Living here, snow is not something we see very

Yesterday, after a week of stormy weather, we
took the day off, took the kids out of school and
travelled the 2 hours to the mountains and the

The three younger ones had no memory of seeing
snow before.  They were beside themselves with

When we finally got there, they ran from the car
jumping around and throwing snowballs in every
direction.  They began making a whole family of
snow-people and built an igloo, for the dog, they

We all worked so hard that we quickly stripped
down to t-shirts and the boys claimed that it
really wasn’t that cold; only after our outdoor
picnic they realized that they were freezing!

It was such a laugh, such a joy!

And it got me thinking.

I guess that if we had snow every day, or even
every year, they may have been a lot less excited.
 Maybe it would have seemed less magical in the
forest; there would have been less of an incentive
to take the day off.

And we would have missed out!

It makes me wonder, what are we waiting for?  Why
not decide to do something out of the ordinary, to
celebrate what is, all the time, or at least on a
regular basis.

I don’t know about you but I often fall into the
trap of feeling pressured by deadlines, even
though they are self-imposed.

I feel like I’d better put off an event or an
excursion until ‘things quieten down’, as if that
ever happens! 

I decide that I’m better off waiting until after
the launch, or teleclass, or program starts before
I take time off.

I start looking at the piles of ‘to-dos’ and
forget about the commitment to how I’m ‘being’ in
the moment.

And I miss out!

You too?  When WAS the last time you built a
family of snow-people or an igloo?

You know it’s not just for the kids, it’s for us

Go on, make that special trip, take off the time,
make some special memories, you won’t be sorry!

And please share your special memory story, right

Best wishes and best stories


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One comment on “When was your last igloo?

  1. A few years ago, well more like 10 years ago, I was working at a college up a mountain. The instructors were given a free bus-ride to work. That was lucky because that winter it snowed. As a former south Floridian, (where it never snows) snow for me is magical. Where I live now, it also hardly ever snows. So that winter it snowed and all the surrounding hills were covered in snow. Cars parked in the parking lot had to cut away the ice from their windshields. I was glad I didn’t have to drive up. My students were also excited, but we had a lesson to learn. Well, then it started to snow and I couldn’t restrain them. We ran outside. What an exhilarating experience to feel soft snowflakes fall on my cheek – the first and only time ever.

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