When working with YOU is out of Integrity

I don’t know about you but when I started in my business, I would work with anyone.  I just wanted to make the sale, to prove that the business was viable, to keep afloat.

Not only would I work with anyone, I would do practically anything, within reason!  You see, the story I was telling was one of survival.

I have to succeed.  I have to make money quickly, I need to just work hard and get everything done.

So, I got busy fast, but I wasn’t doing my best work, not even close, to be honest!

It took a long time for me to realize that if I changed my story, I would attract a different kind of client.  And that it would be a really good idea to do this.

Not only did it take me a long time, it cost me a lot.  Here’s when the penny dropped.

I had been working with my client for several months.  I barely noticed that I was dreading our sessions and that each time I finished my hour working with her I would feel exhausted and slightly depressed.  To this day I wonder if she felt the same way.

I’m amazed now that I didn’t notice how I felt about it.  I was so concerned and focused on the survival of my business, on the income that I was bringing in that I failed to notice that I really wasn’t doing a great job.

Now I’m not proud to admit this.  And I suspect it’s something that a lot of people fall into.  I didn’t want to lose this client because I was scared that I would not be able to replace the income.  And yet, I was exhausted and troubled by the lack of energy in the relationship.

Instinctively I knew that she was stuck and my coaching was not helping. And yet she still wanted to keep on working with me.  Finally, I realized that I was so out of integrity and that I was not prepared to continue.

I needed to change my story, shift the fear and begin to trust in the core of the work that I do.

You see a part of me was saying that if I really show up in my work and tell it as it is, that less people would want to work with me.  I began to believe that story and it was crippling.

When I stopped working with this client I felt relieved.  Not just because I would no longer have to feel drained and exhausted after our sessions but because I knew I learned a huge lesson.

I knew that this was a kind of selling out.  And I wasn’t prepared to do it anymore.

I know that not everyone likes my stuff, that you, as your read this, might decide to unsubscribe from my list right now, I don’t take that personally any more.  I realize that I can’t serve everyone and that’s okay, actually it’s more than okay, it’s perfect.

I wish you well and bless you on your way as you leave….or if you chose to stay and read and share and maybe even decide to work with me, I am truly grateful, actually beyond grateful!

This is an abundant world we live in.  There IS enough to go around.  If time is tough, it’s just a stage, it too will pass.  And if we move from fear into love, blessings and abundance, that’s the miracle.

Someone said to me the other day, “but Lisa, we all know there’s no such thing as a miracle” and I listened and smiled.

I know.

There is.

It is this.

Moving from fear to love.

Offering up your gift to the world, the very thing you were put here to do and be.

Simple as that.

What’s your gift?  What do you need to give up on to get back into integrity and allow a miracle to occur?   Share it here!

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4 comments on “When working with YOU is out of Integrity

  1. This story is timely. I recognize myself in the fearful, desperate to hang-on, gotta prove something image. I’m practicing coming from a story of love and abundance and deliberately shifting my truth to what I know has always been true–there is enough.

    I love my work in career coaching and resume writing. When I don’t have a client appointment coming up, I feel a bit lost–what can I do now? I’m embracing that love and using it to tell my story of how and why I am a champion for a great work-life.

    Thanks, Lisa. I appreciate your blogs!

    • Thanks for your comment Marti…it’s a tough shift and not always possible, however, when there’s no appointment coming up, perfect time to go do some marketing and start to fill the funnel, build the list etc. I appreciate your honesty, thanks

  2. THANK YOU. I finally narrowed down my target market for my company right before I read this article. This came just in time. I definitely didn't go into business for myself to feel exhausted or drained from client relationships. Great article.

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