Where’s Your Muse?

I’m sitting in what I fondly call my second
office.  It’s my local café.

I come here when my home office (which is not
sound-proofed!) can no longer offer me a space
without distraction.  When my kids are home and
noisy, you can find me here!

Not that it’s quiet here….  But there’s
something about the soft, great music, the medium
size video screen in the middle of the huge glass
wall and the view of the mountain that my town
sits on; the sound of the coffee machine working
and the constant buzz of conversation, people
coming and going; it’s strange where the muse
lives…but she’s definately here!

They greet me by name, I set up in the same spot
when it’s available, (on the high bar with the
tall chairs), and wham, I’m ready to write!  It’s
funny where comfort lives.  Some of my best ideas
were conceived here!

And this week, when we have been inundated with
heartfelt accolades for Steve Jobs, I am more
aware than ever, that my business could not have
existed even 10 years ago.   The technology that
enables it all is so new and improving, it seems,
by the moment.  My resources for learning,
guidance, coaching and inspiration are global and
yet right at hand.  We are more connected than

I pause for a moment to listen to the amazing jazz
saxophone being played on the screen and notice
the woman sitting with her shopping trolley and a
single red balloon tied to the string in her hand.

Someone speaks loudly on a mobile phone and a
couple are discussing the numbers on a spreadsheet
not far from me.

I realize that with all that we are connected in
this virtual world, this café offers me the
comfort of human connection, the real person, the
unexpected expressions, the sights and smells!  No
wonder I feel inspired here!

When we sit in our virtual world, having intense
relationships with our various devices, no matter
how cool, wonderful, efficient and brilliant they
are, they are a cheap replacement for the real
thrill, the thrill of human connection. 

Perhaps that is the real brilliance of Steve Jobs
and the few others that have changed our lives
with technology; that they have created
experiences that are so rich, creative and
fulfilling that we are reminded of the beauty and
wonder of the world around us.

The trick is to remember to switch off now and
again, and smell the coffee!

Where does your muse live?  How do you get
inspired?  I’d love to hear.  Please share your
story below!

Best wishes and best stories


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3 comments on “Where’s Your Muse?

  1. I get up at 4:00 on weekday mornings and take a brisk walk by myself. Sometimes I pray, sometimes I sing, sometimes I just listen to the quiet as the morning starts to wake up. I shared a part of my walk twice with an owl (I like to think it was the same one because it was in almost exactly the same place) and I considered that a good luck omen for the rest of my day. One of the trails I walk is full of little fluffy tailed rabbits that hop ahead of me on the path until they realize I’m not turning off, when they leap off into the shrubbery.
    I have some of my best ideas during those early morning forays out into the dark and quiet morning. I’m pretty sure my muse is walking along side me, or flitting from bush to bush, tree to tree, and sometimes on the wings of an owl.

  2. It’s 2:30 a.m. and I should be sleeping, but I don’t work tomorrow so I can sleep in… Well, I’m a night owl who has to get up some mornings to be at work at 8 A.M. But I love the quiet of the night, without distractions of T.V. or phone, or the dishes/laundry waiting to be taken care of. But, except for your blog, Lisa, my usual mode of writing is a notebook, where I jot down a poem or two. Last year I lost a notebook, but luckily I had backup on my computer for the poem… I love your triggers to write. But I don’t always have the time for it as business comes before pleasure. You had asked once how casual conversations that you dare to start with people become so meaningful. That’s what I love about trips abroad – meeting new people, hearing their stories. We were on a cruise where I met 3 charming ladies from Jamaica. I called them the Jamaican ladies. They were funny and we had a good time together. They all were single at the time, but very independent. They were street smart – and knew how to get a good price for their dollar. Whereas, me with all my college degrees was getting ripped off right and left. Well, maybe I still have their email address…

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