Wow – Thank you!

It is traditional to wear white.

To make a garland of flowers for your hair.

The children each carry a small basket of fruit decorated with flowers.

We meet with the other families to celebrate, dance and sing the traditional songs and I am full of gratitude for the beauty of the tradition, but more so, for the abundance that is so present in my life.

It is Shavuot, the festival that celebrates the first fruits and the revelation of the Torah (the five books of the Old Testament).

It’s like we are granted the most unbelievable abundance and then given guidance as to how to live it! 

I had not planned to write about gratitude and abundance, but I realize that it is not just about awareness.  It is a practice on a daily basis that is so relevant to my business as well as my personal life.

The presence of gratitude and awareness of abundance is so important to business success.

When you are truly thankful, appreciate what you have and when you believe that we live in an abundant universe;

–          you are a positive and powerful force in the world

–          you attract more of the same

–          you are happy

–          you are fulfilled

–          you are at peace

–          your ideal clients will find you

–          your business will thrive

I had not planned to write about gratitude and abundance but by chance (or perhaps by perfect design) a wonderful gift appeared in my inbox this morning.  A gift from Nic Askew’s ‘Soul Biographies’, and it really struck a deep chord in me, I think it will in you too.

Enjoy it and please leave a comment below!


Best wishes and best stories


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9 comments on “Wow – Thank you!

  1. Lisa

    Thank you! I love living from gratitude! This post and the film were a beautiful wonderful way to begin my day.
    With appreciation

  2. Thank you for sharing this film on gratitude and your story of gratitude. This was very timely for me and I was deeply moved by the film.

  3. Beautiful, refreshing, endearing reminder that the source of the deepest joy and satisfaction is all around us in our lives. Thank you.

    PS I want to walk with him and friends!

  4. This is just so beautiful!! I also heard him at ECC MAdrid in June! And so much thanks to you for your inspiring and lovely workshop there, and to myself for finding your website :-))

    • You know, as I sat opposite Julio in a restaurent in Madrid during the conference, I suddenly realised that he was the person I had been so moved by in this movie just a few weeks before…. It felt like the stars were aligned once again and magic truly happens! Thanks for your comment and best wishes, Lisa

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