You ‘should’ do this – I don’t think so….

The phone rang. I should answer that. I had been in the middle of writing a proposal. It took me 10 minutes to get off the call. And at least another 10 to get back to writing the proposal.

The meeting was supposed to start at midday. They won’t be discussing my project this time, but I should be there, I’m sure the senior team would think that. It lasted 2 hours, I hadn’t eaten since 6am.

The kids will be done at 2pm. They walk home, let themselves in and eat some lunch. I should have healthy, home-cooked food prepared and ready every single day. When they forget to clear up after them, I should ask them to help but it’s just easier to do it myself.

He asked me out for coffee, so he could ‘pick my brain’ on his latest business idea, he values my input. I was swamped, piles of work awaiting and that great book idea that I needed to get down on paper. I should just humor him, it’s only once a month or so that he wants to meet with me. I agree on a time.

The boy needs new shoes. He’s been complaining that his ankles hurts, he doesn’t like the other ones. I should take him to the store. The other boy wants a toy – he’s asked a thousand times. I should just get it and be done with it.

I made pasta. It’s delicious. But I should eat a salad. The bread is so fresh, but I should skip bread today.

It was almost midnight, I had been working all evening and I was exhausted. Just as I was about to shut down my computer, I thought, I should just check my email.

It was an hour later now. I should bring my dirty mug down …. put on the dishwasher… I should fold the laundry and tidy up – don’t want to be greeted by a mess in the morning.

Sound familiar?

How often are you governed by your ‘should’s?

It’s an epidemic.

All of us, but especially women.

And you know, some of your ‘should’s are really important – they’re what keeps you on track with your health and your happiness.

But many of your ‘should’s are not so healthy. In fact, they’re tearing you apart and wearing you down.

I remember the day, I finally made the decision.

It was a beautiful sunny day, one of the first that year.

I knew I should work, in fact, there were a million ‘should’s in my mind that day.

But I took off. I grabbed the dog, my bag and my shades. I drove to the beach.

Fresh air and freedom never tasted so sweet.

When I finally returned, my mood had lifted, my energy soared and I was totally clear what I ‘should’ be doing.

You know what?

Honoring me.

Giving space to me.

Taking care of me.

Then I can take care of everyone else. Not from a place of ‘should’ but from the place of desire and joy.

What a difference?
What should you NOT be going today?

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