Your Magical Story

We stood in line to wait our turn.

There was quite a buzz in the air, so many people from the neighborhood all meeting at the local school.  It is Election Day here today.

Though I haven’t exactly been inspired by the choice of leaders right now, the democratic process always enthralls me.  It’s so simple.  You take one piece of paper.  Put in in the envelope and place it through the slot in the box.  The same process our grandparents carried out when they voted for their government.

I realize there’s a connection to storytelling.

Of course, each politician and political party is telling a story.  Their disagreement with each other is such an example of Narrative War.

But aside from that, how traditions (even in the form of electoral procedures) are carried through the generations, just like story.

The stories that we tell our children are those that were told to us.  Sometimes in exactly the same form, sometimes in a more modern version, but the stories are the same.

I love that.  I find it comforting and grounding while also being exciting and inspiring.

I can tell you a story and instinctively it feels like truth.  That’s not by chance; it’s because of the age-old wisdom that is passed down through story.

Imagine what that means!  When you tell a story, it will resonate with your audience in an entirely new way.  When you show up in your business and life through authentic story the magic really begins to happen.

Think of the possibility you can create through story.  I find that exciting and inspiring too!  You can create anything once you can tell the story.

I’m not suggesting creating fiction that is based on pure imagination. I’m saying that when you can tell a story and make a commitment and a promise with that story…when you can create a story that inspires you to live it, that’s magic.

So, what story will you tell today?

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