You’re A What?

I was pretty thrilled with my new job, trying on the new title and excited about the future. I told her that I was just hired as a ‘Recruitment Consultant’ – she laughed and shrugged. ‘Oh yes, everyone is called a consultant these days’ – she changed the subject.polarbear shame

I felt my cheeks burn, I had shrunk into my boots.

I felt shame.

And a little anger.

So when almost the exact thing happened about 15 years later – it felt very familiar. ‘Oh you’re a coach – yeah everyone’s a coach these days’.

And I guess it’s true, there are a lot of coaches out there. In the early days, I remember a plumber had come to fix a leak in the garden. It was a complicated leak I guess, he had to come a few times. On his last visit he said to me, ‘how come you’re always home, don’t you work?’ I told him that I work from home so he asked me what I do. I told him I’m a coach. ‘Hey, so am I, I took a course last month, I coach people too now’. Turns out, he’d taken a three hour course and was ready to open shop.

Not surprising that everyone thinks they’re a coach these days.

But you know, that set me off on a mission. To make sure that I attend and offer the highest quality coach education and take this profession as seriously as it deserves.

It was the impetus for getting my Story Coach Program accredited by the International Coach Federation. It was the reason I started speaking at Coaching Conferences and Organizations all over the world – so I could be exposed to the best coaching education and best coaches on the planet.

It’s the reason that I feel so incredible honored (and confident enough) to work with some of the best organizations in the world.

You know, I’ve been invited to share my coach approach with coaching organizations in 17 countries over the last 5 years (this is the first time I’ve ever counted them – I’m pretty stunned myself) – it’s been an amazing ride…. and I’ve been asked to work with companies like Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, HP and so many more. I’ve even shared my approach with universities in several countries.

It’s hard to believe that you can differentiate yourself so much through a specific skills or approach that it can lead to such amazing results.

But I’m proof you can.

And I really want you to learn how to do that for yourself.

So, I want to share all this with you by inviting you to learn more about the Certified Story Coach program.

It’s a unique program – that combines learning all about storytelling and how to become a great storyteller, while at the same time deepening your coaching skills. We dive into the coaching core competencies and see how approaching them through story can enhance your personal coaching style and create amazing impact with your clients.

When you can differentiate yourself from other coaches in your target market, when you can articulate what you do in a compelling way (we learn all about that too!) then you get to have a thriving business.

If you’re even vaguely interested, take a look here: .

If you have any questions, please reach out.

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