You’re Gonna Hate This!

Because we all do.

We all hate that sticky, messy, uncomfortable, oh my god my skin is crawling message of…dare I say it…vulnerability.

These last few weeks have been a great reminder for me.

Because I’ve been under the weather.

Sore, tired and bored with being sore and tired.

I’ve had no energy and worst of all, not allowed to get out and exercise; my usual remedy!

Because I’ve been dependent on the people who love and care about me.

Because I’ve been short tempered.

Because I’ve had to take off the Super Woman suit (and even the boots) and admit to feeling totally wiped out.

I don’t know about you, but my Super Woman suit is well worn, actually it seems to me, it’s kind of worn out.

These few weeks have been an amazing gift of leaning in and letting go.

Opening up to my weaknesses and short-comings. 

My intensity and addictive behavior around work and play. 

My seriousness and drive.

Don’t get me wrong.  All this stuff is good.  It’s all part of me and it’s brought me great things.

But sometimes it’s simply time to let go.

And to do it with grace and joy.

That’s a tough call for me.

Last week was the perfect example.  It was less than 2 weeks after surgery and I had ‘just a few things’ on my agenda.

Those few things turned out to be inter-city trips EVERY day, client meetings (in person and on-line) and several project planning meetings.  And don’t get me started on the stuff around the kids, house and my man…..

And that was my quiet week.

It suddenly occurred to me that my ‘normal’ is on steroids.  Seriously, I wonder when did this pace creep up on me?  My ‘normal’ has become a little insane.

So, you see this period has been an amazing gift. 

With all the frustrations and discomfort, physical and way beyond…I’m learning more and more every day.  About how to slow down, accept help and set a pace that makes sense to me and everyone around me.

And I guess I’m not unique in this.  In fact, most people I know that have the entrepreneurial spirit, or simply run their own business – well, this is probably sounding a little familiar. 

Does it resonate for you?

Are you struggling with keeping a sane pace and balance and joy in your day to day?

Don’t wait for something to happen for it to become clear.

Take a look, what do you see?

Can you be kinder and more gentle with yourself?

I’m committing to this RIGHT NOW.  What about you?

Share your story below.

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4 comments on “You’re Gonna Hate This!

  1. Right before Christmas I got sick…I mean really sick. And it was because I was working as if on steroids and didn’t take care of my very vulnerable self. So..I made a commitment for 2014. I committed to NOT get a certain thing done by the impossible deadline I had self-imposed. I committed to resting more, playing more, and taking better care of myself. I’m still working hard towards my goals, but no more working myself into an early grave. Did this post resonate with me? Hey yeah!

    • our bodies always tell us what we need…sometimes it’s hard to hear though…glad you’re listening dear Linda! best wishes, Lisa

  2. breath…yes…amazing how you can go through a whole day and then finally realize that you haven't been breathing….thanks for joining the conversation!

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