Your Story – Your Success

It’s time, it’s now. The year is speeding by and
your business may not be where you would like it
to be.

Don’t you want to know –

How to Discover Your Story and Transform it into
Vibrant, Compelling and Profitable Marketing for
Your Business.

Do you have great passion and talent but struggle
to articulate what you do in a compelling way?

Would you love to be in a creative, intimate,
virtual environment where you’ll get tons of
cutting edge tools, feedback, interactive
discussion and a fabulous committed, like-minded
group to learn and grow with?

Are you afraid that you are not playing a big
enough game; not getting the satisfaction,
excitement and profit from your wonderful vision
and amazing ideas for your business?

Then this could be exactly what you need!

It’s “Your Story – Your Success” starting on
September 27th, 2012

I’m thrilled to invite you to join this program
so that you, and a small group of committed
entrepreneurs, can discover your story and start
marketing your business in a more compelling and
much more profitable way.

I’ve come to realize that being good at what you
do is a great start, but it’s just not enough. You
have to be able to talk about it in a compelling
way so that you attract potential clients.

Your story is the key to this.

I’ve always known that in order to succeed, I
would need to differentiate myself from all the
thousands of people out there calling themselves a
coach. I knew that I would need to offer real
value to my clients, that coaching is not just a
‘nice to have’ but an essential skill that adds
incredible value to business and life. And I knew
that Storytelling was the answer for me!

And, it’s happened. I’ve created an incredible
business teaching, coaching and mentoring coaches,
entrepreneurs and companies in the power of
storytelling for business success.

Personally, I’ve made all kinds of dreams come true.
I’ve always believed, against all advice, that you CAN
have it all! I run my business from home, from my
local coffee shop or as I travel. I work
alongside my kids schedule so that I’m available
for all the important stuff. I have clients all
over the world and I travel to speak at
conferences and run workshops to all kinds of cool
locations around the world!

I get to work at what I absolutely LOVE, what I
was clearly put on this earth to do and run a
great business doing it.

But above all, I’m delighted to help other people
get clarity, confidence and commitment to their
talents and passions and create a viable, profitable

I feel really blessed to work with the people who
find me; I’ve seriously never met such a bunch of
more passionate, committed and positive people
ever! It drives me crazy that so many of you are
struggling to get the clarity you need to really
differentiate yourself in your market.

That’s why I created this program. So you can
get what you need to make a difference, to your
clients, your business and your life.

What Exactly Is ‘Your Story – Your Success’?

Let me tell you a little of the background to the

As a Professional Storyteller, Training &
Development Expert and Coach, I know that every
time you tell a story, some very special magic
takes place! You get the chance to engage,
motivate and inspire far more than EVER before.

Stories really are THAT POWERFUL!

So when you apply your story, the real story to
your business; when you start showing up
authentically and be truly present with your story,
it has an incredibly effect on your ability to
be successful.

‘Your Story – Your Success’ has limited access for
a small group of committed, creative entrepreneurs
who want to take their skills and business to the
next level.

We focus on 3 critical areas:

1. Personal and Business Story Clarity

We all have amazing skills, abilities, life
experiences and personal preferences that
determine who we are best qualified to serve and
passionate to work with. In ‘Your Story: Your
Success’ you move from uncertainty to clarity.
You’ll feel motivated and energized from seeing
your business vision take shape and by being able
to articulate it in a passionate and compelling

2. Outstanding Process & Tools

Using a tried and proven process to find your
compelling story with cutting-edge on-line tools
to interact and co-create your new business vision
and story. This is not a
sit-back-and-listen-to-someone-talk kind of
program; you’ll be getting in deep and dirty,
rolling up your sleeves and getting the work done!

3. Success Story Action & Accountability

The ‘Your Story: Your Success’ is an energetic,
passionate and committed environment. This is an
incredibly powerful influence that will help you
keep your focus, increase your productivity and
reach your goals.

You’ll be part of a virtual and intimate group of
like-minded and like-spirited entrepreneurs who
are also creating their powerful, compelling
story. Each of you will be enriched by this
talented, creative and committed group who are
also passionate about how a compelling story can
transform their business.

Here are some of the RESULTS you’ll experience in
‘Your Story: Your Success’:

A clearly defined plan for the discovery, creation
and presentation of your Compelling Success Story.
This could be the story that will become your web
copy, material for your signature talk,
inspiration for writing an e-book or delivering a
teleseminar. You’ll know exactly what steps to
take, and in what order you need to take them.
Practical, powerful tools and systems to help you
grow your following and start attracting ideal

Sharp focus and direction so you can keep moving
forward without distraction or disillusionment
Top productivity ideas and tools that you need to
have in place so your work gets done and you stay
energized and passionate

A step-by-step system so you can create powerful
presence in your business and get rid of the
self-sabotaging stories that have been holding you

Powerful relationships with other like-minded
business-owners who will share your pain and your
success, support and nurture your growth and
celebrate your wins. This alone is priceless!

If this sounds like exactly what you need….then
check out more details here:

Best wishes and best stories


P.S. Don’t wait – the time is now, before we know
it the year will be over and you still won’t be
telling a compelling story or creating the
business you want with the clients you LOVE.

Join this amazing, intimate group for just six weeks –
if you want to transform your business- this is
your chance. Check it out and SIGN UP here:

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