An Embarrassing Confession

As the year winds down and I reflect on what has
passed…I’m overwhelmed with gratitude.

I’ve travelled around the world to speak about
Story Coaching, met amazing people who have given
me the gift of their story; I’ve learned so much,
my business has grown and I’ve made some pretty
big mistakes. 

I’ve published my book and I’ve lived and loved a
lot!  Thank you to each and every one of you; you
have been a such an important part of this amazing

I’m so excited about what awaits us in 2012, with
every intention to continue to create and
innovate, to learn and to serve, to take the
challenges in my stride and be grateful for my

I’d love to hear more about how your year was and
what you plan for 2012.

Here’s this week’s story!

Best wishes and best stories

An Embarrassing Obsession

I have an embarrassing confession to make.

I would never have imagined it could happen to

But it did.  And it surprised me, actually
astounded me.

It’s about Facebook.

I’m quite active in Facebook.  I check in
everyday, sometimes twice a day.  Sometimes more.
And I post there quite regularly, make comments,
share stuff.

Sounds pretty normal right.

Here’s the thing, I got into Facebook because of
a particular interest.  Actually a very specific
interest.  I became quite obsessed and that’s what surprised me.

It wasn’t a mild interest in knitting or a
fascination with Renaissance Painting.  That would
have been more understandable.

It wasn’t the love of porcelain faced dolls or a
collectors desire to find stamps from the 1930’s.
It was curiosity about a person.  I wanted
details.  I wanted to know their every move.  I
wanted to get the real story.

And then, dare I admit it, it got worse.  I
wanted more.  It was officially an obsession.

I would check their profile, look at their links,
read their comments and imagine their status.  I
would wonder when they would show up again.  It
was getting creepy.

Then it spread. It was addictive.  It was a black

And then I realized….I’m not alone!  There are so
many people out there doing the same thing. 

So I started thinking…what are we missing?

What’s the link that we look for, what’s the point
of our passion?  And you know the answer, right?

It’s the story.

We craves stories.  We long to be a part of an
interesting story and sometimes forget that we
already are!  We meet people, in real life or
virtually, and we want to hear and see and feel
their story.  It’s one of the most basic human
needs.  Facebook gives us the chance to get closer
to people, to follow their story, to connect.

Now, I know the dangers and weirdness of Social
Media….and I have to admit I’m very disciplined
about how much time I spend there now… 

But it’s also an amazing way to expand your
influence, increase your connections and open up
all kind of business possibilities.  Especially if
your story is clear, consistent and authentic.

That, of course, is where I come in.  Do you know
your story?  Do you tell it?  Do you really show
up in your business with your story?

What story are you telling through your virtual

Do you like the way you show up on-line?

Have you felt that obsession that draws you to
places unknown.

I’d love to hear your story…
Leave a comment below!


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4 comments on “An Embarrassing Confession

      • Lisa..I’m soooo intrigued by you…Your niche of a coaching brand is so attractive. Thanks for sharing the Facebook story. Thanks for leaving “the mystery person” of your obsession a MYSTERY. So skillfully interesting, adding a romantic edge to a potential deeper, blacker hole of an addiction. Stay disciplined, and take care.

        Ava, CCMC

        • Thanks Ava, nice to meet you and would love to hear more about you…to hear your story! best wishes, Lisa

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